Technical Specification


Air - conditioning provided by four pipe fan coils located along the external facade and above the suspended ceiling
Adjustable temperature in each room or zone
Additional cooling capacity available for specific requirements
Double glazed insulated windows
Possibility to install raised floor
Building Management System (BMS) optimising energy consumption and minimising overall service charge cost


Wide range of lines

Option to choose from:

  • direct connection to public network or
  • connection to the main PABX in the building

Dedicated telecom cabinets on each floor available for individual PABX

Numerous internet service providers

Power reliability

Two independent electrical sources
Two transformers

Circulation facilities


  • 2 panoramic lifts (with a view of the city) from the ground floor to upper floors (capacity 18 pax or 1,350 kg)
  • 2 lifts from the underground parking to upper floors (capacity 18 persons or 1,350 kg).
  • 1 separate high capacity delivery / fire safety lift (capacity 21 persons or 1,500 kg)

Delivery access from Ciepła street.